The tree is glistening and the stockings are hung. The table is set and the presents are wrapped. You've got all the basics covered. But how can you bring something a little extra to your meticulously planned Christmas décor? The secret to creating a truly amazing Christmas atmosphere is to tantalise all the senses, not just the visual.

So what can you do to take your Christmas décor to the next level?

Christmas Scents - makes sense

There are so many scents that we immediately associate with Christmas. And there are so many ways that you can create a festive feast for your nostrils to enjoy the many smells of Christmas! The obvious place to start is with delicious (tasting and smelling!) food. It's hard to beat the smell of a turkey in the oven, pigs in blankets, gingerbread cookies baking or a freshly lit Christmas pudding. So don't be shy with cooking and let your home be filled with the glorious smells of Christmas food.

You can also enjoy many of these scents without having to be confined to the kitchen. Choose your favourite Christmas scents and purchase some gorgeous scented candles or reed diffusers so that you can enjoy them whenever you want to. Perhaps you like something sweet like Christmas cookies. Asda has some great festive themed candles such as candy cane or hot cocoa. They not only smell delicious but look great too. If you prefer the more traditional scents you could opt for cedar or pine tree. Or even frankincense or myrrh for a truly traditional touch.

Get into the Christmas Groove

Another important sense that should definitely not be overlooked in your Christmas celebrations is your ears! Think about the kind of mood that you want to create and choose a collection of Christmas music to suit. Music can really help to create a festive mood for your event or Christmas celebration. Maybe you prefer a particular style of music and you compile your playlist based on that. Or you might opt to have different styles for different events or time of the day. For example, something festive and fun to welcome your guests and for present opening in the morning. Something a little more relaxed for lunchtime and the afternoon "rest period" as you take time out from the over indulgence. There are so many great resources available to help with creating your perfect Christmas playlist - think streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music - or even dedicated digital radio channels.

With the smells and sounds of Christmas in the air, you are well and truly ready to usher in the festive season celebrations. Let the merriment begin - roll on Christmas!