Signs, plaques and wall hangings are often an underestimated asset when it comes to Christmas décor. See how you can spread some extra festive cheer with these valuable beauties this Christmas.

If you take a moment to think about it, signs, plaques and wall hangings are everywhere. From road signs to billboards, posters on office walls and advertising signage at your local shops. They are a typical part of life. But how many people associate the thought of signs, plaques and wall hangings with Christmas décor?

When we hear “Christmas décor” most people’s thoughts go immediately to products such as Christmas baubles, tree decorations, Christmas wreaths, and other well-recognised and iconic Christmas décor items.

For those who have not yet discovered the magic of signs and plaques at Christmas time, or those looking for some creative inspiration, we are about to open a new world of Christmas décor fun for you. The following are some of our favourite ways to use plaques, signs and wall hangings in your Christmas décor. We hope that these ideas help to unleash a little more creativity at your place this Christmas.

Christmas décor fun with signs, plaques and wall hangings

Whether you need to liven up a table, deck a hall from ceiling to toe, or simply add a bit of Christmas décor colour and cheer to a wall, there is sure to be a sign with your name on it - well, by “name” we mean your Christmas message. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

#1 Christmas table arrangement

If you need to dress up a table, you can rely on the simplicity of a sign to do the trick perfectly. This following idea works great as a table centrepiece, on a side table, hall stand or gift table for some simple Christmas décor.

  1. Place a few small Christmas décor pieces - like a gorgeous Christmas ornament, a glitter pinecones Christmas candles - on the table.
  2. Choose from our range of FREE printable Christmas Download There are so many colours, designs and messages to choose from, and they are available in different sizes too. So there is sure to be something to suit every Christmas décor style.
  3. Print the poster yourself at home or have it printed at your local print shop.
  4. Insert your Christmas poster into a photo frame and arrange it on the table along with the Christmas décor pieces you selected earlier.

Using framed Christmas downloads is a great way to extend your Christmas décor. The best thing is that it is so simple to do, you don’t need to be an expert interior designer to get it right. And by picking up a frame from Wilko, Asda or your local discount store, it means that your Christmas décor looks amazing but doesn’t have to cost the earth.

#2 Christmas buffet signs

If you are like most families at Christmas time, serving the masses is probably on the cards. And cards will also make it easy for your guests to distinguish what is in each dish/on each platter at the buffet table. Seize the opportunity to get festive by making some Christmas décor buffet cards.

  1. Just cut out square pieces of coloured cardboard in festive Christmas décor colours like green, red and gold
  2. Fold the card in half to form a tent card (a card to sit on the table)
  3. On both sides of the card create a festive name for your dish and place it on the table with the dish that is being served
  4. For some added colour and sparkle, you can add trimmings such as glitter or Christmas holly to the cards also when you are done

If you're not necessarily the crafty type - or simply don't have the time - why not let us do it for you? Our multipack includes 6 personalised name cards in beautiful hand done glitter calligraphy for just £8.95! You can grab yours here.

#3 Deck the walls with a Christmas plaque or three…

For an instant lift to your Christmas décor and festive spirit, arrange a personalised Christmas plaque for your home. Welcome guests with a warm Christmas message by hanging a Christmas plaque from your front door. Let the plaque take pride of place or really make an impact by pairing it together with your Christmas wreath.

Personalised plaques are not just for greeting guests at the door. Hang them anywhere you like inside too, to really compliment the rest of your Christmas styling.

Have some fun with the kids and hang a Christmas décor plaque to use as a count down to Christmas. You could even start it from day 364 if you would like! There are Christmas plaques available in a range of shapes and styles.

#4 Sign up for Christmas décor features

At this busy time of year it’s all to easy to lose track of time, have too many conflicting priorities, or Christmas Day just sneaks up way too quickly, and despite all best intentions, you don’t get a chance to intricately deck your home in Christmas décor from tip to toe. A Christmas sign can quickly and easily transform an area that you haven’t had put too much effort, into the hero of your home.

Our FREE Christmas download posters are perfect for hanging on the wall for this type of décor feature. Or perhaps you’ve got a ready-made Christmas sign that you want to showcase with a little extra flair.

Using a selection of beautiful Christmas florals, other decorations of your choosing, or perhaps even a few basic items that you have around your home or garden already, you can create a very impressive feature. Make sure to throw in some Christmas seed lights or fairy lights to really complete the magical Christmas décor look.

#5 Christmas décor – just hanging around

Posters and signs are the obvious choices to adorn your walls, but they are not the only option. You can deck your halls, and walls, in another beautiful and creative way by thinking outside the standard uses for things.

Arrange a selection of re-purposed decorations to create a beautiful wall feature or take some time to get a little crafty and create a piece of hanging wall décor by combining small ornaments, craft and frame pieces, like we did for this twig window and gallery wall art.

 When you are planning your Christmas décor this year, don’t forget to include signs, plaques and wall hangings as part of your action plan. They are a versatile, fuss-free and highly-effective way to add festive spirit to the table, the walls, the front door and more!

The Christmas Cart has a wonderful variety of Christmas décor, plaques, signs and wall hangings perfect to decorate your home this Christmas. Visit the website to shop the range and explore the Inspiration Gallery for plenty of ideas to inspire your festive decorating.