Elegant Luxe Christmas

Elegant Luxe Christmas Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Enjoy our ideas and inspiration for an Elegant Luxe Christmas decorating collection and add stylish luxury to your home at Christmas. Our Elegant Luxe Christmas decorating collections are made for those who want to create a more formal look with gorgeous glass and jewels, elegant and intricate patterns, and sophisticated displays. Featuring a slight spin on a traditional colour palette and the use of graceful and refined décor, this style also boasts tasteful mixed textures and touches of natural elements. Our Luxe Christmas collection features a striking monochromatic colour palette of black, white and silver and features crystal and velvet for a luxurious and elegant ambience. Our Christmas Royale collection uses rich burgundy tones, lush jewelled florals, and intricate patterns. Our Christmas Sparkle collection is filled with glamour and glitter with a strict colour palette of silver and red. Our Naturally Elegant Christmas collection is minimal yet sophisticated with its pared-back colour palette and unique blend of silver and dark earthy elements. Our Mixed Metal Christmas collection uses a base colour palette of silver and gold with a mix of weathered metal and beaded decorations, creating a rich and eclectic feel. No matter which collection you choose, all of our Elegant Luxe ideas are sure to create a sophisticated and tasteful display which will add a sense of luxury and refined class while still filling your home with Christmas spirit.