Christmas Tree Decoration

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best parts of Christmas. But you don’t just have to have one tree, by placing a Christmas tree decoration here and there, you can spread the Christmas spirit can throughout your whole house!

A Christmas tree is often the focal point of a family's Christmas celebrations as it is where everyone gathers on Christmas morning. It is easy to alter the entire look of your Christmas tree each year by changing or adding with a new Christmas tree decoration or two. Simply changing your colour scheme with bright new baubles, ribbons and bows can freshen up any old tree!

With a little ingenuity you could use your largest Christmas tree in the family room with your favourite Christmas tree decoration as the focal point, and incorporate smaller Christmas trees in other rooms in your home. This offers a beautiful and unique way to bring the joy and celebration of Christmas to every room in your home, and allows you to create a different theme for each room.

Individual themed trees also offer a lovely way to decorate a child’s room, you and your child could decorate the tree with craft, ornaments that reflect the child’s interests, and colourful ribbons in their favourite colours. Personalise their tree with calligraphy baubles with their name on them, this gives their room a lovely personal Christmas touch and adds to their excitement, beyond the anticipation of Christmas presents alone.

Your unique creative ideas and our products will make a great combination this Christmas season. The Christmas Cart has a wide range of unique decorations to help you decorate your Christmas tree this year. To view our range of ornaments, baubles, crystals and other Christmas tree gifts, visit the online shop or visit us at one of our many stores around Sydney closer to Christmas time.

To help you bring a little bit of Christmas magic to your home we’ve collated a number of pages containing some tips on:

  • Decorating with Christmas Wreaths
  • Creating a Christmas Theme in your Home
  • Christmas Table settings

We hope your Christmas tree decoration is spectacular this year.

The Christmas Cart is launching its dedicated UK shopping website in August, until then, if you would like to view our entire personalised Christmas ball range or make a purchase, visit our current online Store. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at