Christmas Tree Decorations

Here at The Christmas Cart, we have a wide variety of Christmas tree decorations perfect for every tree. Our personalised Christmas tree decorations are especially unique and are a good way to show your Christmas guests how much they mean to you.

We have a wide range of Christmas Tree Decorations including both personalised and un-personalised decorations. These come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to complement any type of Christmas decorating theme.

Our personalised Christmas tree decorations are unique, and add a personal touch to your home. Your family will love walking into your home and seeing their name in glitter on a bauble or ornament.

Our range of personalised Christmas tree decorations includes:

  • Personalised Christmas tree decoration plaque with Santa or Reindeer
  • Personalised Santa and Reindeer stocking decoration
  • Personalised rocking horse decoration
  • Personalised pet decorations
  • Personalised shatterproof bauble decorations
  • Personalised glass bauble decorations
  • Personalised handpainted bauble decorations

We also offer a beautiful range of un-personalised Christmas tree decorations which add an elegant touch to your tree. We have beautiful crystal hanging ornaments to catch the light and a start tree topper to finish it all off.

Our range of personalised Christmas tree decorations includes:

  • Gold and silver sequin tree toppers
  • Crystal angel pendants
  • Pet Ornaments
  • Gold and silver tinsel tree toppers
  • Gold tinsel start tree topper
  • Red Christmas tree skirt

Whether you decide to go with personalised, un-personalised, or a combination of both Christmas tree decorations, we have everything you need.

The Christmas Cart is launching its dedicated UK shopping website in August, until then, if you would like to view our entire personalised Christmas ball range or make a purchase, visit our current online Store. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at