Creating a Christmas Theme in your Home

Creating a Christmas theme in your home is so much fun and can be a great activity for you to do with the whole family. Here are some creative themes to consider when decorating your home this Christmas

Decorating a room or party around a theme has been popular for ages. Just like party planners choose a theme for the focus of big celebrations, and parents and kids choose a theme for their bedrooms, Christmas can be the same. Having a theme helps the Christmas cheer to flow throughout your home.

A popular choice is the ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ theme. For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, a white Christmas may be something they’ve only experienced briefly or perhaps only through a Hollywood movie. So maybe you can go flip that around and go with a summer beach theme in your house this year. You could use bright summer colours such as pink, purple and blue, and maybe even have a few palm trees decorated with baubles around the house. Santa could deliver presents in bathers holding a surfboard, and if you really want to go all out, why not put sand around the front or back yards.

When creating a Christmas theme in your home, it is always best to inject a little colour so that it doesn’t feel too cool. The colours that work best to create the warmth of Christmas is subtle reds, and the use of gold to add an elegant aspect to your decorating. There are many beautiful Christmas ornaments available, that have a summer theme such as our kangaroo handpainted baubles, and Sydney Harbour baubles.

Some other themes to consider:

  • Peace, love and angel themes
  • Breakfast with Santa and the elves
  • Santa’s workshop
  • A musical Christmas
  • Food and candy themes
  • Or even a favourite sporting team – it is your Christmas after all!

To help you bring a little bit of Christmas magic to your home we’ve collated a number of pages of tips including some inspirational ways to;

  • Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Decorating with Christmas Wreaths
  • Christmas Table settings

Remember to get creative when creating a Christmas decorating theme in your house this year. No matter what the theme, The Christmas Cart has everything you need.

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