Decorating with Christmas Wreaths

Decorating with Christmas Wreaths is a great way to spread the Christmas spirit all through your home from the front door, to your stairwell and even at your table.

During the Christmas season you often see people decorating with Christmas wreaths on the front door of a beautifully decorated home. A Christmas wreath on the front door is a warm and joyous way of saying “welcome to our home”.

Hanging Wreaths Indoors

Christmas wreaths also look beautiful when used throughout the inside of your home; it's a simple and elegant way to decorate any room for Christmas. Here at The Christmas Cart we always love to hang a wreath on the inside of our front door to wish guests a Merry Christmas as they leave our home.

Wreath Centrepieces

Get creative when decorating with Christmas Wreaths. Use your favourite wreath as the base of a centrepiece for your Christmas table. Fill the inside with a beautful candle, or a few smaller ones at different heights to set a warm and inviting atmosphere. For a more glamourous look, place a pile of baubles in the centre of the wreath, not only does this look extremely festive, but you can also co-ordinate the baubles with the colour scheme or theme of your table. Another great idea is to fill the inside of the wreath with fruits, nuts and holiday greens - not only does this add a touch of rustic and traditional charm to your Christmas table, but it also serves as a snack bowl!

Decorating Stairwells

If your home has a staircase with a railing, it is a wonderful way to incorporate the Christmas theme throughout your home. Attach a wreath at intervals up the stairs, if you like you can link them together with beautiful Christmas ribbons.

To help you bring a little bit of Christmas magic to your home we’ve collated a number of tips on:

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Decorating with Christmas wreaths is a fun and unique way to add some creative flair to the Christmas decorations in your home.

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