Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are must at Christmas time! They are beautiful as decoration, and everybody loves waking up on Christmas morning with a little surprise in their Christmas stocking!

Our Christmas stockings are unique because our talented glitter faries personalise each stocking with your name in glitter, you can have one for each family member. Our Christmas stocking range has many styles so there is something for the kids, the adults and don’t forget your beloved pets!

Our Christmas stocking range includes:

  • Santa Christmas stockings
  • Reindeer Christmas Stockings
  • Santa and reindeer Christmas stocking and bauble pack
  • Teddy bear Christmas stocking
  • Green tree Christmas stocking
  • Red tree stocking
  • Dog Christmas stocking
  • Cat Christmas stocking
  • My First Christmas stockings

My first Christmas stockings are the perfect way to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas. This could be for a new baby in your immediate family, or a gift to a loved one sharing their first Christmas with their child.

We also have reindeer stocking hangers, which let you hang your stockings with style. They are heavy and nickel based to make sure your Christmas stockings can be on display on the mantelpiece or on a shelf.

It is a wonderful thing to see the joy on your families faces when they find their Christmas stocking filled with treasures on Christmas morning.

The Christmas Cart is launching its dedicated UK shopping website in August, until then, if you would like to view our entire personalised Christmas ball range or make a purchase, visit our current online Store. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at