Having spent all year working hard, decorating the office is a brilliant way to lighten the mood and remind employees that the holidays are not far away! Add some Christmas cheer to your workplace this holiday season with some festive décor.

Christmas decorating in the office can be as simple as incorporating a few cushion covers, fairy lights or garlands into any communal workspace or get the whole team involved in spreading the Christmas cheer.

Bring Home Decorating to your Workspace

There’s no doubt that the addition of Christmas décor will help employees get into the holiday spirit. The good news is that there’s not a complex rulebook for successful office decorating. You can use the same type of Christmas décor in the office that you would normally add to your home, such as garlands, wreaths and fairy lights to lighten any interior workspace. Finish with some quirky signage and you’ve got a space merry enough to cheer up any Grinch!

Image sources: thechristmascart.com.auliveitbeautiful.comideacoration.co

Free Printables

Add some colour and Christmas spirit to your office by using free Christmas downloads and printables. You can easily print and frame the images, and hang them in every space of your workplace, such as the office, hallway, or break room.

Use different sizes and coloured frames as well as a mix of portrait and landscape orientation to create a truly unique workspace.

Oh Christmas Tree

Erecting a Christmas tree at your workplace doesn’t need to be an arduous or difficult task. For a little bit of festive team bonding, get everyone involved in this activity by asking each employee to contribute their own Christmas tree decoration to add to the tree.

If there is not enough space for a large tree, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out entirely. Opt for a tabletop tree and some small ornaments instead. Be sure to place the Christmas tree in a space where it will be seen by employees, clients, and customers to create a truly festive experience for all.

DIY Décor

Show your employees the fun side of your workplace by allocating time or day to create Christmas crafts. Using DIY techniques will allow staff to generate décor exclusive to your workplace. The internet is an invaluable source for finding DIY Christmas décor ideas.

Image sources: christmas.snydle.comethinify.com

We love DIY décor and Christmas craft at The Christmas Cart and have lots of great Christmas craft ideas to share on our blog if you need some inspiration.

Fun in the Office

A great strategy to ignite the festive spirit and encourage team bonding is by running Christmas decorating contests in the workplace. Competitions and team activities are also a great way to create some really unique décor pieces for your space.  examples of some fun contests that you might like to run in your workplace include the best-decorated desk, festive doors or Christmas craft.

Depending on the group that you have, you could consider setting some creative criteria or guidelines that need to be followed. You might insist that the creation needs to be made from certain materials only, or only certain colours for example. Think about how you could use things around the workplace and re-invent them for the festive season.

Decorating the home and office for Christmas time are our favourite things to do. There are so many ways you can decorate your workspace to help spread the festive cheer. It only takes one person to start the movement and we’re sure that in no time everyone will want to a part of the action. It’s hard not to be infected with the joyous spirit of Christmas when it is all around you in the place where most of us spend the majority of our day.

The Christmas Cart stocks a wide range of Christmas craft supplies and festive décor perfect for decorating any type of workplace. Whether you are after a bulk order of personalised baubles or a couple of tabletop trees and ornaments for the reception area, we’ve got you covered. Explore the website now and celebrate Christmas at your workplace.